2018 Tax Analysis

The 2017 tax season is over, and we are midstream into the 2018 tax year.  If there ever was a time to do some mid-year tax planning, 2018 is your year! In light of the monumental tax reform recently passed into law, it is paramount to evaluate and assess your tax situation; before it’s too late to make any adjustments or course corrections.

Tax cut.png

impact to your standard deductions

Are you confident that your 2017 deductions will still qualify in 2018? Talk with our CPA, Dustin Burns, to learn how new standard deduction laws impact you personally.


impact to your exemptions

Several aspects of the Schedule A form for exemptions changed in 2018.  What can you do to modify your situation in order to remain tax efficient in 2018?

social security.jpeg

impact on your social security taxation

Did you know that the new tax laws may impact your social security income?  Contact Lighthouse Financial to schedule your 2018 tax assessment service.