Digital Marketing Associate

The ideal Digital Marketing Associate should have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college, preferably in Marketing, Communications, or related field, and have experience working in a variety of marketing capacities. They should have a solid understanding of typical marketing formats and systems, and be comfortable working within these systems (Event Coordination and Planning tools, Social Media, Web Hosting software. SEO tools, Target Marketing, Etc.).  They should be proficient in organizing and controlling the marketing details for multiple projects at the same time. 

The primary role of a Digital Marketing Associate is the execution and coordination of digital marketing elements as directed by the Marketing Director.   This may include digital advertising, webinars, podcast/radio show postings, website maintenance and updating, digital advertising and SEO.  Additionally, the Digital Marketing Associate may create content or edit existing content for a variety of digital marketing needs. It is expected that all elements of this role will adhere to compliance requirements and align with the vision, brand, and direction of the firm.  

The Digital Marketing Associate job role is a full time position within the following parameters: 

  • The Digital Marketing Associate maintains regular office hours. With the approval of the Marketing Director, they may be able to work flex hours or from home occasionally.  All non-standard work hours must be approved by the Marketing Director. Approved sick time and vacation days notwithstanding. 
  • The Marketing Associate may also be required to work evenings and weekends from time to time to support and coordinate events during heavy event seasons, such as Client Appreciation Events. 
  • Lighthouse Financial reserves the right to adjust these parameters at any time and without warning. 

General Job Responsibilities

  • Maintenance of the firm’s website, including uploading marketing elements, ensuring staff pages are current, enabling/disabling registration pages for events, and ensuring links, buttons, and interactions with the website are working correctly, and adding elements for integration and technology enhancement as needed for the firm. 
  • Research, plan, and execute digital campaigns as directed by the Marketing Director. 
  • Must be proficient in business and marketing content writing skills.
  • Social Media posting including audio, video, and text (Facebook, Yelp, You-Tube, Linked-In, etc.). 
  • Modification of existing content for use in a variety of digital marketing contexts, such as presentation slides, webinars, podcast/radio slides, digital ads, social media, etc. 
  • Digitally branding of the firm. 
  • Maintain all marketing compliance for digital content.
  • Coordinate the distribution of digital content. 
  • Collaborate with and support members of the Lighthouse Team in order to maintain a TEAM culture throughout the firm, working with other marketing team members as well as the larger staff. 
  • Coordinate with graphic artists and other vendors for the creation of digital graphics and other needs. 
  • Complete other duties as assigned by the Marketing Director. 
  • Provide non-digital marketing support for print work, marketing collaterals, sales support, and presentations, etc. 

Social Media Communications job responsibilities include but are not limited to: 

  • Edit Content for Grammar 
  • Facebook and Linked-In 
  • Yelp Updates 
  • Boost Posts and create digital adverts 
  • Create, post and distribute digital content 
  • Video creation for YouTube, website, and digital distribution 

Website Communications job responsibilities include but are not limited to: 

  • Update pages or create new pages.  
  • Add Events info and sign ups to existing page. 
  • Upload podcasts to new web page. 
  • Upload photos from events to web page. 
  • Enhance web page visibility with SEO, keywords, and digital connections with other web pages. 
  • Track and improve website e-newsletter sign ups. 
  • Technology enhancement and integration. 

Marketing Administrative job responsibilities include but are not limited to: 

  • Learn internal systems and how they integrate with our marketing components.  Become an expert in the digital marketing systems available and make recommendations. 
  • Provide support for non-digital marketing content needs. 
  • Track digital analytics, create reports for executives, and maintain compliance requirements. 
  • Research and Development for continued growth and success.