Lighthouse Financial Services provides institutional-quality planning services, precisely identifying specific needs and goals of private individuals and business owners and designing clear, effective solutions. Our highly credentialed staff—including an in-house CPA and team of Certified Financial Planner’s—carefully gathers and analyzes client information. Our plans are custom-designed from the ground up and rendered in clear, straightforward language. We fully engage clients so that they understand and feel confident in our recommendations. Our services include: 

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Cashflow Analysis: 

We evaluate current and future income sources, expenses and likely inflation rates. This work, together with net worth analysis, lays the planning groundwork for achieving goals such as education funding and retiring comfortably.  

Risk Analysis:

Proper insurance coverage provides a safety net as you move toward your goals. Our risk analysis takes into account the specifics of each client’s life stage, financial situation and unique objectives. The result: objective guidance on the optimal type and amount of coverage for each client.  

Retirement Planning:

There is no such thing as a cookie-cutter retirement. Starting with each individual’s unique circumstances and objectives, we create customized plans designed to ensure a secure and fulfilling retirement.  

Estate Planning:

We help our clients to ensure the preservation of their legacy and the distribution of their assets as they see fit. Our tools include core planning elements such as wills and powers of attorney; they also include sophisticated strategies to mitigate taxes and successfully pass wealth on.