To invest is to accept risk; to invest successfully is to manage risk wisely. At Lighthouse, we help our clients achieve their most important goals and sleep well at night.    


Our Actively Managed Investment Strategies

Personalized Investing:

We design and manage portfolios based on each client’s specific objectives and time horizon, as well as their risk tolerance. Our portfolios include a balance of asset classes calibrated to match return expectations with risk. This helps to minimize surprises—and that in turn helps our clients remain disciplined, avoid impulsive decisions and enjoy a greater likelihood of long-term success. We carefully manage client assets to mitigate taxes. Through asset location, tax-loss harvesting, and a focus on long-term capital gains, we help our clients keep more of what they earn. 

In-House Research and Management:

The Lighthouse team researches and manages our clients’ investments directly, providing a level of professionalization and accountability that is rare in the financial industry. Our investment building blocks are transparent, liquid securities—largely blue-chip stocks—and never investments that involve commissions or lock-up periods. With painstaking research and selection, we manage a spectrum of strategies ranging from conservative to aggressive. These investment strategies are the ingredients of each client’s custom-tailored portfolio.  

Accountable To You:

Many of the largest investment firms got that way by amassing thousands of clients—and treating them more as account numbers than individuals. That’s the exact opposite of the way we do things. Our team strives to develop close relationships with each of our client families, and we provide ready access to investment managers. We believe having clients understand and endorse the makeup of their portfolios is a key to our success. 

All investing involves risk, including the potential for the loss of principal. There is no guarantee that any strategy will be successful.