Office Manager


An ideal Office Manager should have attained a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college and have experience working in the investment management industry.  They should have a solid understanding of the different types of investment accounts and the different regulatory and legal requirements associated with them.  They should be current on compliance rules and regulations.

The job of an Office Manager is to keep the office running smoothly. The role requires an organized individual who can effectively perform many different roles such as, but not limited to, operations and administration functions, client servicing, sales and marketing support, compliance, H.R. and IT support within the firm.  They should have excellent communication skills, be able to multi-task, delegate and prioritize, while managing the administrative team in a busy office environment. They should be proficient in the use of Microsoft Office software, as well as key office/administrative software applications. 

Office managers must wear many different hats and juggle multiple priorities simultaneously. They must be able to work in a fast paced environment, keep track of daily activities, understand administrative systems and make sure they are used properly.  They must have a professional attitude and work appearance and be a team player, as well as be able to work independently with little oversight. They should also develop and maintain a healthy conflict free work environment. They should have a proficient understanding of LFS’ broad policies and procedures and ensure that those policies are compliant with health, safety, and labor regulations. As a regulated investment management firm, the office manager is also responsible for assisting the CCO in monitoring staff members to ensure that they are in compliance with local and federal securities regulations.

General Job Responsibilities

  • Encouraging the administrative team to achieve objectives.
  • Prioritizing important office tasks, and making sure they get done first.
  • Taking prompt, decisive and corrective action to rectify any staff shortcoming. 
  • Implementing and promoting equality and diversity policies. 
  • Ensuring adequate staff levels to cover for absences and peaks in workload. 
  • Coordinating any office maintenance / up keep / house cleaning work. 
  • Organizing the office layout and maintaining supplies of stationery and equipment. 
  • Dealing and negotiating with suppliers. 
  • Establishing stationary requirements for the Office.
  • Recommending changes in office practices and procedures to improve processes. 
  • Typing, scanning, filing, and answering telephone calls. 
  • Coordinating the activities of the reception, cleaning, utilities, and office staff.
  • Managing the performance of office staff (time management).

Operations / Administrative Responsibilities

  • Organizing the duties and workloads of junior administrative staff. 
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Receptionist
  • Leverage firm wide software / applications to develop streamlined and efficient work flows to support clients / team members / executive leaders
    • Junxure
    • Laserfiche
    • Axys
  • Coordinate staff meetings / training days / corporate events
  • Organize the annual company Christmas party and client Christmas cards
  • Oversee / perform the month end procedures in Axys
  • Oversee / perform the quarterly billing (Axys / Jx)
  • Oversee / perform the maintenance and audit of Axys
  • Oversee / perform the maintenance and audit of Junxure
  • Oversee / perform the administrative side of our tax business
    • Prepare tax organizers to be sent out
    • Package client tax returns
    • Process e file requests
  • Provide executives with management reports as needed.
    • Junxure / Axys

Book keeping Responsibilities

  • Scan and/or file bills / invoices / expenses
  • Credit card transaction entry into Quick Books
  • Expense report audits
  •  Make bank deposits

Client Servicing Responsibilities

  • Oversee the onboarding of new clients
  • Oversee the processing and coordination of client paperwork
  • Assist clients with general front and back office requests
  • Quickly identify and resolve client issues
  • Oversee the process of incoming contributions
  • New Money
  • New Accounts
  • Oversee the process of outgoing distributions
  • One time distributions
  • Ongoing distributions
  • RMD distributions
  • Oversee the preparation and delivery of client reports to be used by advisors for:
  •  Portfolio Reviews
  • Tax filing

Sales / Marketing Support

Assist the CCO in reviewing and ensuring all sales and marketing materials have the correct disclaimers and are compliant with both LFS guidelines and any regulatory guidelines.

  • Oversee the printing, assembling and packaging of prospect materials such as:
  • Client Folders
  • Supplemental inserts
  • Handouts
  • Supporting Literature
  • Presentation materials
  • Workbooks
  • Oversee the set up and tear down of firm sponsored prospecting events
  • Assist in meeting the firm wide business development targets

Compliance Responsibilities

As an office manager, you will be expected to have a thorough knowledge of all regulatory and LFS compliance policies and procedures and to follow them at all times when performing your job responsibilities.  You will work closely with the executives and CCO in areas such as:

Addressing any initial, minor compliance deficiencies and / or corrective actions among the staff

  • Escalating ongoing, out of compliance matters to the CCO for discipline
  • Escalating any major compliance breaches directly to the CCO for discipline

Coordinating with CCO and Compliance consultants to add / remove employees from the ADV II as needed.

  • Maintaining the annual compliance checklist
  • Track and ensure all employees CPE requirements have been met. Such as:
  • CFP
  • CFA
  • CPA
  • EA
  • CTEC

Assist the CCO with reviewing and proof reading materials to ensuring compliance with local and federal regulations:

  • Outgoing correspondence
  • Sales & marketing materials
  • Seminar & presentations

Coordinate presentation approval through the TDA compliance department as needed

Human Resource Responsibilities

  • Be the initial contact person to address any grievances / issues between employees
    • Escalate any unresolved issued to the President only after corrective measures have been taken.
  • Preparing and delivering the annual appraisal(s) for the administrative team
  • Implementing the office Health & Safety procedures. 
  • Onboarding of new staff,
    • Requesting new hire package
    • Setting up their health, dental and visions benefits
    • Setting up IT and TD Ameritrade access
    • Overseeing the general training and induction of new Staff. 
  • Overseeing the termination of staff,
    • Requesting termination package
    • including updating all security sensitive logins, passwords, security badges, and keys/locks
    • Removing their health, dental and vision benefits
  • Keeping accurate records of staff holidays, vacations and sick days. 
    • Reviewing days off requests to ensure the firm has adequate coverage before submitting to the President for approval. 
  • Ensuring the office work environment complies with all legal and regulatory requirements. 
  • Review, modify or update the firms H.R. policies and procedures to ensure legal and regulatory requirements are met.

IT Responsibilities

  • Coordinate with outside IT vendors to ensure that mission critical applications and functions are up and running smoothing.  Such as, but not limited to:
  • Security / Firewall systems are functioning correctly
  • Backups & Restore functions are current
  • Key hardware & software applications are up to date and running efficiently
  •  Desktops / Laptops / iPads / Ect.
  • Be the firm specialist in the following software / applications:
  • Axys
  •  Junxure
  • Laserfiche
  • Be proficient with the following software / applications
  • Lacerte
  • NaviPlan