Wealth Manager



As a Wealth Manager, you will be responsible for servicing and managing a core group of LFS’s high net worth clients, developing / acquiring new clients in your field of specialty, and meeting individual/team AUM growth targets.

Client Development Responsibilities:

  • Perform ongoing portfolio reviews with clients
  • Develop professional relationships with clients
  • Guide clients as they consider engaging LFS' services to optimize their financial situation
  • Collaborate with other team members on behalf of your client to answer questions to solve problems
  •  Prepare and present simple to complex financial planning reports for clients
  •  Provide quick & accurate resolutions to various client requests / needs

Compliance Responsibilities:

Employees will be expected to have a thorough knowledge of all regulatory & LFS compliance policies & procedures, and to follow them at all times when performing job responsibilities. 

Business Development Responsibilities:

  • Collaborate with staff working in the field
  •  Perform sales and educational events/seminars designed to acquire new investment / planning / tax clients
  • Meet or exceed your personal client development growth targets
  • Meet or exceed your personal business development growth targets

Professional Development Responsibilities:

  • Seek to improve your skills and knowledge in areas that support and benefit the firm and its clients
  • Develop a field of expertise that strengthens the long term growth goals of the firm and its clients.  Examples may include retirement, estate taxation, investment research, trading, and portfolio management.