To be the standard of excellence and integrity in providing financial advice that will empower our clients to retain a sense of personal security and peace of mind while acquiring and transferring wealth from one generation to another.

Every financial firm claims to be committed to their clients’ success—but smart consumers look for firms that are built to back up their words.

At Lighthouse Financial Services, we provide objectivity, depth of service, and breadth of expertise that set us apart. Our client-centric focus lies behind concrete differentiators including:  

  • Running our business as an independent, fiduciary, fee-only financial advisory firm.

  • Managing personalized investment strategies in-house, with a flexible and accountable investment approach.

  • A team of in-house experts, including a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and Enrolled Agent (EA), Certified Financial Planners (CFP®s), and a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) as part of our dedication to true wealth management.

If our firm looks radically different than most others, it's because we are structured to serve as true wealth managers and financial advisors to our clients. This means helping them to succeed across all the dimensions of their lives—from planning to tax management to investing—in a coordinated collaborative team approach.

Unlike profit-driven Wall Street firms, Lighthouse is an independent, fiduciary, fee-only firm. Our model frees us from serving any agenda other than your success. Because we’re independent and charge a fixed fee rather than sales commissions, we’re empowered to recommend only solutions that we believe are best for you. And as a fiduciary, we are legally bound to avoid or disclose conflicts of interest and put clients’ interests first.

In an industry where anyone can call himself or herself a financial planner, our team has earned the most respected credentials within the industry, including the Certified Financial Planner® and Chartered Financial Analyst® designations. In addition, our team includes a Certified Public Accountant and five licensed tax preparers. Why is this important? First, because it’s not what you earn, it’s what you keep—and our tax expertise helps you keep more. Second, because your tax return can provide valuable insight into your financial situation that can help us lead you to success.

Among Lighthouse’s core values is accountability. Our clients trust us to help safeguard their future, and in return, we believe they deserve clear communication and unflagging responsiveness.

Our investment approach grows directly from our cornerstone value of accountability. We custom-design investment portfolios for each client, and personally manage them using an active, flexible approach that aims to protect your capital and grow it responsibly. When we say that your Lighthouse portfolio is like a mutual fund built just for you, we mean it.

It’s easy for folks in the financial industry to talk the talk. But clients have the right to expect more—and at Lighthouse, we’re proud to walk the walk.